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Shake It Up

2018 has not given us much time for kicking back and chilling so far. It has been quite a ride, and it looks to be picking up speed in the coming months.

There have been many planetary factors contributing to the intensity, chaos and heaviness of the year so far.

There has been a strong theme of death, re-birth and regeneration, and for many this has caused a threat to your sense of security.

Many people and pets have felt these energies are just too much and have decided to opt out of this world at this time. Some that made the decision to leave were quite shocking.

We are all aware of how much chaos there is in the world, on every level. The dire economical situation is having a huge effect on everybody, and with it, old dramas, fears  and issues regarding money and relationships continue to emerge, dredging stuff up from the collective and individual psyches. The best we can do is to observe how this affects us individually and make moment by moment decisions on how we’re going to respond, rather than react.

The best thing we can choose to do at this time is to slow down.

Turn off the cell phone and the computer.

Allow the inner knowing inside you to come out and play. Do the opposite of what you have been doing. If you have cut yourself off, then invite people over. Do something creative, get some fun and laughter going and flowing. It will lighten the atmosphere and raise the energy for all of us.

Light the fireplace, put on light but upbeat music … sing, dance… shake all that tension, worry and frustration out of your body. If you have been going like the energizer bunny and surrounding yourself with constant stimulation, chill out by yourself and go inward.

You are allowed to put your life on hold when that is what is for your highest good.

A good exercise that is short and simple — yet very profound — is to go out and lay in the grass, look up at the stars, and see yourself sprout wings and fly up higher and higher into the atmosphere, spinning and twirling between the stars as free as a bird.

Enjoy the wind on your face, the feeling of freedom, the grace and ease of floating along without a care or worry.

Take time to just glide, and from this perspective you can see things more clearly.

You can see where you are repeating the same patterns or behaviors.
You can see what obstacles are in your way.
You can see the boundaries you need to set.
You can look down and see where there is a clear path to where you want to end up.

Any time we can look at our lives from a new perspective, we are able to get so much more clarity. Take time to do this exercise whenever you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck and see what a new view can do for you.

Shake it up!

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