About Healing

Energy healing has been practiced for thousands of years in eastern cultures, yet few Americans understand the benefits of strengthening, balancing and caring for their energy system.

When life force energy, called “qi” (chi) flows strongly and unobstructed to all organs, tissues and cells, the body’s healing capacity and immune system is enhanced and vibrant health and resistance to disease results.

Energy knows no time or space.

Remote sessions allow you to let  the healing integrate in the comfort of your own home.

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Entity Clearing

There are many forms of entities that are life or energy forms that can have an extremely negative orientation They usually want to cause harm, chaos, pain and/or suffering in your life. They feed off of your energy, and leave you feeling drained and unsettled. Entity Clearing is the process of removing them.

Karmic Imprint Removal 

This is the process of clearing energetic imprints or energetic programs that were created by you or past on to you.  They come from your past including past lives, subconscious, family or ancestral programs that are embedded in your energy field and magnetizing people, places, and events into our lives that resonate with the frequency of these programs.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression is a technique used to access your past lives. There are different types of past life regression but with this form of regression there are steps taken to release the energies from various past lives that were carried forward lifetime after lifetime and are adversely affecting you in this lifetime so need to be released from that lifetime so they can be released in this lifetime so you can move forward.

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing utilizes new frequencies to allow for healing in the mind, body and spirit through increased energy, clearer mind and pain reduction.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for healing and stress relief. It gently yet powerfully balances life force energies and brings health and wellness to the recipient.


There are many forms of repatterning, it could be repatterning thought patterns, karmic imprints, core beliefs anything that is energetically holding you back or not for your highest good could be repatterned.

Restructuring your DNA

This is a process of clearing, repairing and activating your DNA.

Soul Retrieval

When we experience something traumatic and we don’t want to look at it or deal with it, subconsciously, we can send that soul aspect away. Bringing these aspects back is known as a Soul Retrieval.

Space, Land or Business Clearing

Clearing of your space, land or business is the process of releasing or removing all negative, chaotic, dark, blocked or stale stale energy. This will result not only in an immediate and noticeable transformation of the “vibe” of your space, but also an increased sense of well-being, peace, calm and clarity for all of its inhabitants.

The Reconnection®

The Reconnection® is a dynamic method of reconnecting our own energy fields – our own essence – to that of the Universe. The Reconnection “upgrades” your system exponentially!

The Universal Sphere™

The Universal Sphere™ is a process for helping a person resonate with the perfect vibration of the universe.

The 111™ Activation

The 111™ Activation is a remote transformational, energetic session in which a new structure is overlaid without physical touching, working within the quantum field. It is designed to help a person move forward on his/her journey in this time of ascension.

Everyone is unique so Spirit leads the sessions.

All you have to do is relax and have an open attitude.

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