July 2020 Eclipse

Don’t Miss It!

We are in for ALL KINDS OF FIREWORK this 4th of July.

We not only have the regular fireworks but we are also in the energies of the FULL BLOOD BUCK MOON and the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

A Total Eclipse of the Moon is sometimes known as a Blood Moon because the moon can take on a reddish hue. The Blood Moons are somewhat rare. We are only expecting 5 over the next 5 years. Depending on where you are located you may or may not see it.

Here in the Seattle area the Full Eclipse takes place at 12:50pm so we won’t see much of anything in the daylight, however, we will definitely be feeling the energies of these two events just like everyone else.

Those of you in other parts of the world will get to see and feel the show.

Don’t miss it!

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