Don’t Let Lessons Control You

Don’t Let Lessons Control You

Decide and the universe will back you up.

Each and every one of us have all come to learn at least one big lesson. In one way or another it comes up over and over again throughout our life. It’s the thing that repeats its self in every scenario of your life and if you are being aware you will see it. It shows up in your relationships, your dreams, your thoughts and your actions.

A situation, usually early in your life, causes this lesson to show up. You may or may not have realized it was a lesson at that point but as life went on and it continued to show up you finally Got It.

For me, it happened when I was 5 and was hit in the face by a car. As I lay on the ground but also watched myself from above, a man came and breathed into me, I felt a warm flowing energy flow through my whole body and knew with everything in me the man was Jesus. I felt such a closeness to him ever since and he has always been there for me throughout my life leading and guiding me as I had 19 death or near death experiences occur. But the lesson was healing, that I was a healer, but I didn’t realize it until later. From that time on, even as a child, any time there was an accident I would run to it to help instead of away. I would know the strangest things to do to help or heal people.

At the age of 12 I was asked at a church I was babysitting at to lay hands on a woman named Joan, it was as if I was sleep walking as I walked up to her, she was older and in a wheelchair so you would think in your mind her legs needed healing, but I was drawn to a purple welt on her arm and laid my hands on it. After about 2 minutes she said “can you move your hand your burning me,” I thought, burning her, but moved my hand and it looked like someone put a branding iron of a hand on her arm. As I moved my hand for a flash I saw a pile of grey ashes under her skin. It was just a flash and at 12 I just thought, that was weird, and went back to babysitting. Three days later the pastor that lived next door, who’s children I had been babysitting at the church, called me over and said Joan’s cancer was healed. I just said “oh that’s nice”. I honestly had never heard of cancer at that point but figured anything that was healed was good. I still didn’t really put two and two together as to what it all meant but things kept happening. Eventually you understand the lesson and what you are meant to do with it.

The reason I bring this up is everyone has a significant overall lesson in each lifetime they come here to live and often they repeat them. They will come up life time after life time until you get it or until you have taken it as far as you are meant to take it.

Be Aware, find your pattern, the thing that keeps coming up. Heal this part of yourself so you can fully utilize that lesson and allow everything to shift within so you can enjoy and live the life you came here to live.

Look for that lesson and embrace it so it no longer takes over your life; the longer you ignore it the more it will disrupt your life but once you embrace it you can have control of your life. Once you embrace the lesson and heal what needs to be healed you can take the control back and live the life you came here to live.

It may seem scary to look at, it may not be what you planned for your life, it may seem overwhelming but it is so worth it. When you embrace the lesson you feel free, you finally feel like you are you.

Blessings on your journey.

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