Be You and Receive

Be You and Receive

“When something is really FOR you, all you have to do is BE you, your true authentic self to receive it!”

You all know, in your heart, that whatever is YOURS will never pass you by. In truth your greatest challenge with that is really believing it!

Believing it so much that you are GRATEFUL for the blessings before you ever see them manifest, grateful for the present moment and everything, everyone in your life at this very moment.

THAT is the vibration that attracts miracles into your life. When you just FLOW with life and ALLOW yourself to move towards your goals knowing that everything is leading you exactly where you are supposed to be. When you REALLY trust the process, life becomes absolutely magical.

Trust the FLOW. The highs and lows. It’s all part of the cycle of life, of growth, of expansion, of love.

Trust God and surrender to flow.

There will be a time where you have to let go of anything toxic in your life the things that are no longer meant for you, that aren’t serving you anymore and there will be a period of darkness, the death of certain things, people, places or relationships that you need to release … but after that you will step into FLOW, you become open to RECEIVING the miracles.

It’s in the letting go of things that you open yourself to the amazing energy to come through and move you forward!

You really make life a lot harder than it needs to be….. when all you need to do is be your true authentic self!

That’s it, then just go spread your light and positive energy to others.

Please share with anyone that you think might benefit from this information!

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