5 Tips To Fix Your Broken Heart

5 Tips To Fix Your Broken Heart

There has been so much that has happened recently that has just broken our hearts that I wanted to send some little tips out that could help you bring more balance to your heart chakra. They are simple little things but will really help you.

Walk barefoot on the grass, remember how wonderful that felt when you were a child.

Sit outside in the forest or at least in the fresh air.

Hug someone you love (for now that you are staying in place with) make it a good long hug. At least 20 seconds.

Use Rose, Frankincense or Lavender essential oils. Put 5 drops each in a roller bottle or if you only have one of these oils put 15 drops of that in the bottle and fill the rest with coconut or almond oil. Or, if you have a diffuser, diffuse what you have. Let spirit lead you, use what you love.

Stay positive, loving affirmations such as I am loved, blessed and divinely guided at all times. I am worthy and coming into a new season of blessings.

Allow the releases you are experiencing to happen. If you start to cry grab a box of Kleenex and cry it out. If your angry beat up a pillow. Don’t stop what comes up or you are blocking that energy release.

Pray daily

Show gratitude

Count your blessings and let go of the rest.

I have so much love in my heart for all of you.

Be safe. Be Blessed.

Please share with anyone that you think might benefit from this information!

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