Ground, Zip-Up, and Coconut Process

Ground, Zip-Up, and Coconut Process


Product Description

Everyone needs to know how to properly ground themselves as that is the foundation of your energy system, if that is off, your whole energy system is off. This is a grounding that spirit led me through and everyone comments that they feel glued to heaven and earth. It is a really solid grounding.

Next you have the zip up, compliments of Donna Eden’s training. The central meridian is where you take on energy from other people so you need to keep it zipped up to stay protected.

Next we have the coconut which is your energy boundaries and energy protection. This will keep you from picking up entities, cords, tears or leaks in your aura and much more.

This was an excerpt from a class I taught so includes a few comments regarding energy frequencies. Please disregard those and know that all you have to do is listen to the grounding, zip up and coconut. Learn them and do them daily before getting on the phone, internet or in person with anyone and you will keep your energy buzzing and healthy.