Have you ever wondered, even for a moment, if you are a healer?

You may get intuitive signals about others, or yourself, that you just can’t ignore, but you’re unsure how to interpret them.

Perhaps you feel people’s energy before you see them and wonder what it all means.

Maybe you pick up symptoms that aren’t yours and you are ready to find a way to to heal from those.

You may even sense you are a quiet leader and are feeling ready to serve.

Or your connection to nature or animals is calling you to bring it to a healing level.

It’s time to connect to your intuitive gifts and find out if you are a healer.

You are feeling the call, but …

  • You are totally overwhelmed at the thought of how to make money being a healer.
  • You have been racking your brain as to what type of healer you are.
  • You are feeling isolated and unsure of your next steps.
  • You feel anything but confident in your healing abilities.

I hear you.

I, like you, had a deep yearning to tap into my gifts for the good of all.

I remember what it was like when I returned to myself and claimed that I was a healer. It felt like I could finally breathe. I finally knew who I was.

My guides led me step by step to where I am today and it was a long, long process.

I have been where you are and made that decision to take the next step and then the next step and the next as I was guided.

But it would have been so much easier and so much faster if I would have had a mentor who could share their experience with me – someone who could have been there in-person supporting me and nurturing my gifts.

You didn’t hear of energy healing, energy medicine, chakras, meditating etc. back in my day. At least not where I was from. It is much more widespread and accepted now.

I have been told “the time is NOW”  to share my experience with you.

To take your hand and get it done.

To answer your questions so you can be of service to the world.

To be there for you and help you see that this is what you are called to do and how to do it.

To help you discover the exact right fit for the type of healer you are.

If you are ready to find out what kind of healer you came here to be and how to incorporate that into your life or your business

I invite you to join me for the…

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“Wow, AM I a HEALER retreat with Mary Beth was a wonderful, relaxing and very stimulating experience for me. Environment, food, the instant heart to heart connection with all participants, support from Spirit, wonderful activities and high frequency levels increased my self-confidence, my creativity and trust in my own abilities. I had chills running through my body and an energy rush.

Mary Beth gave clear, easy-to-understand explanations and guidance on topics like how move from being stuck and into manifestation flow, tapping into who you really came in this world to be, moving into the energy of what you want to create, awakening your intuition, connection with source, focus on your healing abilities, goals, dreams and so much more. I witnessed my life completely transformed and evolved within couple of months after the retreat.

Thank you Mary Beth and thank you spirit.” – Atanas Demirev

What is a healer?

Healers come in as many different forms as there are stars in the sky.

They come in every color, shape and background you could imagine.

Healers practice multitudes of modalities:

They may heal through energy, words, music, or art.

They may heal people, animals, the planet or any number of things.

Often healers are hiding out in helping professions. In fact, many healers today are entrepreneurs running service-based businesses where they are helping others to achieve their goals.

I believe all humans are born with the capacity to heal.
It is a gift from God.

Yet, we are all unique beings so the type of healing we are called to do is as unique and different as each one of us are.

You may know that you ARE a healer but just haven’t been able to figure out what type of healer you are, or you may feel you’re a healer but still have uncertainty about it.

You have so many unanswered questions about the how to’s that it has kept you from stepping into your calling.

“I attended the Am I a Healer Retreat in February 2017.  I learned so much that weekend.  It was a very powerful experience for me and I was so glad I made the decision to be there.  I was pretty sure I was a healer when I got there, but by the time I left there was no doubt in my mind!  I loved the fact that it was a small intimate group of people that I felt very comfortable with and I made new friends that weekend.

Mary Beth is a very sincere and genuine person and is such a gifted healer.  She has a wonderful energy and a beautiful spirit.  The Am I a Healer Retreat was such a good experience for me that by the end of the weekend I decided to sign up for the Awakened Healer Certification Program so that I could continue to learn from her and be the healer that I was born to be.” – Judy Williams

Here’s what we’ll cover

We’ll move through the stories we have about what we can and cannot do.

We’ll tune into our intuition.

We’ll call the courage to follow our hearts and our purpose.

We will be getting these questions answered for you through various exercises.

We will be opening your intuition and connection.

You will experience what it feels like to see, hear or feel energy then work with that energy.

You will learn what it takes to be a healer.

And having a tribe of like minded people that support and encourage you, that are on the same path as you, that understand and are there for you makes this journey SO much easier.

“I have been told for as long as I can remember that I was a healer but I didn’t truly understand what that meant. Frankly I never felt like one. I mean what is a healer, really?

I think some of us have the TV version of being a healer in our heads where we can just place our hands on someone and heal them. But in this retreat you will learn that there are all kinds of healers. You will have a deeper understanding of your own abilities and get guidance as to which direction to take them.

The environment that Mary Beth created was supportive and loving. She guided us through each exercise and help to deepen our relationship with spirit and gain confidence in our own ability to feel and listen to our guides. This retreat was more like my “coming out” party.

For me, I felt like I met some old soul friends at this retreat. I felt accepted and acknowledged as a healer. If it wasn’t for this retreat and Mary Beth’s support and guidance I may still be resistant to accepting that I am a healer. I am capable of connecting with spirit. I am loved, protected and guided by my spirit family.

If you are questioning whether you are a healer or need a little supportive push to get you started then this retreat is for you. And if you have the desire to step fully into your purpose as a healer that opportunity will be open to you too. Go and see for yourself that you are a healer.”

– Dr. Lesley Wood

Here are just a few things you will learn:

  • What patterns you are experiencing in this lifetime
  • What core beliefs are keeping you stuck
  • How Past Lives hold you back
  • Connecting to your guides exercises
  • The Yes, No exercise with guides
  • Whether you are a healer
  • What type of healer you are
  • Your next steps

“Mary Beth’s ‘Am I a Healer’ retreat was a wonderful experience!  Not only did I learn a lot about all the different types of healing arts, energy techniques, and connecting with Spirit and intuition, but I had a really good time learning all of it as well!  I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the retreat.  We had a lot of exercises and interacting with everyone was such a great experience.  

I was a little nervous about attending a retreat by myself but within the first day, all those nerves went away.  The group we had was really special.  There was so much love, light, and positive energy in the room.  It made it really easy to open up and dig deep during the discussions.  For the first time in a long time, I didn’t feel like an outsider and I felt that I was “with my tribe”.  Thank you, Mary Beth, for bringing us all together and for all the wisdom, guidance and support you so generously provide.

Thank you!” – My

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Please note: travel, lodging and some meals are not included
(Breakfast, AM and PM  snacks and beverages are provided)

I am so excited to be a part of your journey. Can’t wait to meet you there.

This will be a small intimate retreat so space is very limited.

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“Attending the “Am I a Healer” retreat with Mary Beth was one of the best decisions I have made for myself.  It really answered a lot of questions that I have had about myself and my abilities throughout my life and it raised my awareness that yes, I AM a healer!  I have taken many of the techniques Mary Beth taught and applied them to my daily routine and started to explore some healing modalities more in depth.  Mary Beth shares so much knowledge and also made the retreat fun.  I cannot recommend this experience enough!”

– Amy Derr

I’ve met countless healers that know deep inside that is who they are and they have let that thought flit through, for a moment, then dismiss it because they go to a preconceived notion of what they feel a healer should be and just don’t see themselves doing it that way.

Don’t let another year go by wondering when your time will come that will take yourself or your business to the next level.