30 Day Energetic Frequency Shift


Product Description

Are You Ready For Rapid Healing?

Do You Have The Desire To Be A Healer Or Heal Yourself?

Are you aware that you have intuitive gifts but you’re unsure how to develop and strengthen them?

Do you find yourself stuck in your finances, relationships health, career or spiritual connection?

Don’t feel alone. The rut you and so many others are in is simple. You are vibrating at a low frequency and lave stuck energy that is stopping your energetic flow. You are also working alone without the assistance of your intuition, higher self, guides, angels and as-cended masters.

Most people today are full of anger, living under enormous stress, are in job misery, they suffer from guilt and are full of shame caused by past experiences. Their energy is so stuck they have lost connection with their inner guidance and don’t have the tools they need to release the blocks they carry, raise their frequency or connect to the guidance they so desperately desire.

These conditions along with the low frequencies they pick up from others keep us at about 20-30% of where their frequency needs to be in order to get connected and into the healing vortex. You have the ability to heal and manifest just as I do. You just need the ability to raise your frequency and tools to assist you in doing that.

Your frequency influences every aspect of your being. It creates where you are at mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. If you would like to get on track in all these areas of your life join me in this 30 day program that will change your life because it will raise  your frequency, connect you to your guides and intuition, and allow you to  obtain balance, harmony and health through the frequency meditations, training, tools and exercises.

In this 30 day program you will be given simple yet powerful ways to work layer by layer on your energy and the energy of others for deep, profound healing. This program is designed to give you a quantum leap in upgrading your frequency and energetic makeup.

We will be tapping deeply into all levels of your energetic layers which brings major breakthroughs at a soul level to reignite your very being. You are tapping into your very soul, layer after layer, and finding the hidden messages that move you along on your journey.

Let loose and let go of your inhibitions while learning to sense and play with subtle energy, This is an amazing adventure which allows for inspiration and creative expression as you open to the world of energy and healing while releasing all your fears, blocks and inhibitions to create your own unique story. I will use different techniques for shaking up your life for major releases of blocked energy. This is quite exhilarating and brings you to a much higher vibration and connection to your inner wisdom.

Creating after meditating creates magic as does connecting with your Spirit, Angels, Guides and possibly Departed Loved Ones to tap into messages and answers they may bring forth as you go through this process.

With this program we go deep into your energetic layers allowing you to release the feelings, blocks and old beliefs that no longer serve you. You will find that you will be allowing yourself to become bold, uninhibited and that your intuition and passion is awakening through fun and playful exercises we intertwine throughout our time together.

Can’t wait to see you here.


In this package you will find:

  • Private Facebook Page to ask questions and interact with Mary Beth
  • 7 Energetic Shift Frequency Mediations
  • Grounding, Energy Boundaries and Energy Protection Process
  • A Tool For Alignment and Connection
  • A Guided Process To Connect with Your Angels
  • Crystal Mediations and Guidance Tips and Tool
  • Various Spiritual Practices to Get You On Track
  • Techniques For You To Feel and Play with Energy
  • Techniques for Seeing Auras

A broad array of other healing techniques and rituals and so much more. You will receive an email a day for 30 days that will take you on a journey of healing, releasing, realigning and activation we will be delving into the process of leaving behind the old in every layer of your being and embracing who you truly came here to be. We will be setting ourselves free from the blockages and beliefs that are holding us back from connecting to our cellular soul knowledge.


Value of Package: $3997

Price of Package: $247