The top 20 signs that you are a healer


Healer, welcome home.

If you’re here, then you…

Feel the energy of the room before you even walk in.

Feel in your bones you’re a healer, but you’ve never had the training to fully claim that identity or turn it into full time work.

Desire to nurture your intuitive healing abilities and to be of service.

Ready to learn the skills and techniques to tap into your intuition, harness your inner healing abilities and create huge transformation in people’s lives.

Are interested in working with a world renowned Intuitive Energy Healer.


You are looking for products and training to enhance your spiritual awakening.

The Spirit Led Healing Institute is a safe and nurturing environment
where you can step into the journey of developing your inner healer.

We’re here to help you cultivate your connection to Spirit and nurture your passion for healing.

Now, more than ever, is the time to help you serve the planet.

You’re wondering if you may be a healer, what type of healer you are, and how to go about developing your healing and intuitive abilities

You’re a therapist, coach, service or medical professional wanting to add healing modalities to your practice 

You’re ready to take a deep dive into developing your healing and intuitive abilities, have a business plan in place, and have the steps necessary to begin a thriving healing practice

Mary Beth's "Am I a Healer" retreat was a wonderful experience! Not only did I learn a lot about all the different types of healing arts, energy techniques, and connecting with Spirit and intuition, but I had a really good time learning all of it as well! I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the retreat. We had a lot of exercises and interacting with everyone was such a great experience.

I was a little nervous about attending a retreat by myself but within the first day, all those nerves went away. The group we had was really special. There was so much love, light, and positive energy in the room. It made it really easy to open up and dig deep during the discussions. For the first time in a long time, I didn't feel like an outsider and I felt that I was "with my tribe". Thank you, Mary Beth, for bringing us all together and for all the wisdom, guidance and support you so generously provide. Thank you!


Mary Beth has the intuition to tap into specific areas of your body, the chakras, and pinpoint the issues that are worth investigating. This was my first ever healing session and frankly, I was quite shocked when she said, “Just go lay down and relax”, no work on my end – even got a short nap!

I was also skeptical, especially since we lived in totally opposite parts of the country. The results astounded me, Mary Beth was spot on when she explained what was going on in my body, and then it made perfect sense to me. I would highly recommend Mary Beth to anyone looking to get the answers as to, ‘Why do I feel this way?’”

Sherry SextonCEO of Imagine Coaching, LLC, Business Consultant and Social Media Rockstar, California

Mary Beth is a powerful and gifted healer/channeler. She is able to work on people virtually (from anywhere in the world) and clear out old energies that no longer serve them. She is patient, kind and very helpful. If you are ready to clear out the blocks that have been standing in the way of what you want to manifest in your life, I highly recommend her services.

Dr. Elizabeth Inda LambaerLos Angeles, CA

I have always had a desire to help people make true transformation in order to live their best life. I also felt deep down that this was why I was here and that I had this ability even though this reality was not reflected in my outer world.

Since enrolling in the Awakened Healer™ Certification Program and only after a few short weeks, I am beginning to realize the missing piece of the puzzle for me was the lack of my spiritual connection - that I was strongly tied to my ego in the way I thought and in turn the way I lived my life.

Coming strictly from ego was totally cutting me off and blocking me from the abilities and potential I already possess. Since starting the class, Mary Beth has acted as a facilitator in awakening my dormant spiritual connection which I now know will lead me to fulfilling my life's purpose.

I am deeply grateful that Spirit has led her to sharing her gifts with other unrealized healers. They say when a student is ready the teacher will manifest. I was ready and maybe you are too!

Bonnie L. Gilman