Sending Love to all the moms!

I thank God that he created moms. You may be a mom by blood, or you made the beautiful choice to adopt a child, or you may be an adopted mom as in a neighbor, friends mom or someone you can’t deny the connection with. You may be the “Other Mother”, “Bonus Mother”, “Bonus Mom” or “Step Mom”, maybe a favorite teacher that was nurturing and caring.

Let’s be honest, mothers are superheroes and deserve to be showered with love all year round—but there’s no denying they deserve it a little bit more on Mother’s Day. After all, they’re the ones who raised us, taught us right from wrong and provided support every step of the way. Being a mother is possibly the toughest job in the world (and the pay isn’t great either!), which is why Mother’s day is so important—it’s the one day of the year dedicated to those who have given up and sacrificed so much.

I just want to send love out to all the moms in my High Vibe Healing Tribe, however you fill that role. You may even be a dad filling the role of a mom.

Whether by birth or by choice, I thank you for the blessing you have been in someones life.

At 6pm Pacific Time on Sunday, May 8th, I will be sending out energy of peace, love and calm to all the moms.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Enjoy all the love that is showered on you on your special day!

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