Take Time For Yourself

Take Time For Yourself

Sacred times are sometimes hard to come by especially if you have little ones at home with you. But, it is something we all need. You all know the feeling of locking yourself in the bathroom for a few minutes of peace just to feel like you have that moment to connect with yourself again and breathe.

I am issuing a challenge.

Schedule a minimum of 20 minutes a week (preferably 1 hour) to take a sacred bath. Lock yourself in the bathroom, light some candles, play some anointed music (something that brings you peace), fill the tub with hot water and add what you can of these ingredients:

1 C Sea Salt
1 C Epsom Salt
1 C Baking Soda
1 C Apple Cider Vinegar

Clear Quartz Crystal/Crystals to amplify all other energies
Amethyst to bring divine connection
Black Tourmaline to ground and protect
Rose Quartz to open your heart

10 Drops Cinnamon Oil to release anger
10 Drops Patchouli to release anxiety
10 Drops Frankincense for spiritual grounding and connection
10 Drops Grapefruit Oil for joy
10 Drops Copaiba for being centered and grounded to heaven and earth

I call this bath Grounding To Heaven and Earth.

As you lower yourself and settle into the sacred water set an intention. Some possibilities would be to shift from scarcity to abundance, from fear to peace, from anger to love, from brokenness to wholeness. Whatever you feel called to, that is what is right for you.


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