Healing For These Times

A Meditation Album for My Tribe

These three meditations are designed to help you through the troubling times we are in. To guide you towards your most vibrant, centered, and peaceful self.

Use of these meditations on a regular basis will help you feel better, be more relaxed, with more energy, less anxiety and more clarity and focus in your daily life.

“Calming The Chaos” Sound Frequency Meditation

Value $47

Are you ready to Calm The Chaos?

The intense energies we are in as we enter Mercury Retrograde, the Solar Eclipse, the New Moon and the Summer Solstice are off the charts. We are all feeling them and I would be lying if I said this isn’t bringing up people’s fears and insecurities. They are all being pushed to the surface. As this pushing happens you are being called to communicate your truth in ways you have never been called to do so before.

Fears and shadows around rejection and judgement make you want to hide and not speak out so you don’t have to take a chance of being rejected and judged for your beliefs and ideas. Holding things in and not putting a voice to your authentic self has become a way of life for many. There is a real freedom in speaking your truth – even in these unsettling times we are in. The frequencies embedded in this sound Frequency meditation assists in bringing out a freedom that is slowly releasing that fear of rejection and judgement. It is embedded with frequencies, healing and intention to assist you with calming the chaos that is so prevalent in the collective at this time.

Just relax and let the energies within the music wash over you, calming your nervous system. bringing peace and calm to your body, mind and spirit.

You will feel yourself breathe deeply and with every breath feel the stress leaving your body and the healing energies flow through you.
In the troubled times we are in we all need to Calm The Chaos.

“Anchored Within” Guided Meditation

Value $47

This is a time to anchor within.

During this time of unrest and deep shifts it’s important to return to your awareness. Remembering this moment, not the moment before or after, just this one.

This single action allows us to live in the present, to make informed decisions, for what is for our highest good in the truth of this moment.

Much of where we lose our power is when our energy and attention is wrapped up in the past or the future.

Use this meditation to center you in the now.

This present-living is so crucial as each person navigates their individual and collective circumstances. By living in the present, you intentionally connect to the conscious and unconscious web of energy and information that exists and changes from moment to moment.

This meditation is both a grounding practice and an energy reclamation practice to help you call back your energy, connect to the present moment, and ground your energy into the earth. There is no work on your part. The frequencies, healing energy and intention are set within the music that you are listening to.

The power of choice is the greatest power of all. You want to choose where you place your focus, energy, time and resources but to tap into this power you have to Be Aware you have this choice to begin with. This meditation will bring in awareness and call back your power, to reclaim your energy and release energetic attachments. With all that is going on in the collective this is a time to really stand in your own power, truth and authenticity.

This meditation is loaded with intention and frequencies to assist you with that. I would not listen to this one while you are driving because of the intensity of the frequencies embedded in this sound meditation. It would be best to be relaxed and just allow the intentions and frequencies to wash over you.

“Letting Go Of The Darkness” Sound Frequency Meditation

Value $47

The world is going through some dark times right now and we all have times in our lives where we tend to have way more darkness than light but it will be ok.

Don’t fear the darkness. Your light will always shine, no matter the surroundings and what you or the world is going through.
Keep taking steps forward, and trust in your intuition.

Do not be afraid of the dark there is nothing there that can hurt you. The light is already within you.

2020 had to be an extraordinary year. Every Saturn/Pluto conjunction throughout history has brought the collective shadow to the forefront and shaken the foundations of the world.

This along with the great Jupiter/Saturn conjunction at 00° Aquarius on December 20th and we are communally calling in the new world, predicted long before we walked this Earth.

We are now at the mid-way point, retrograde season, eclipse portal, and all the frequencies we are in are undeniably disorientating.
We are living out our destiny of being a part of the unveiling of what has long been hidden within the womb of Creation. The dawning of this new era is palpable and our role within it is heavy and weighing us down.

According to the celestial script, the last time Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn happened during the age of the ancient Sumerians and the Empire of Babylon in 1894 BCE. Now we press fast forward 3000 years and the same stellar alignment is occurring.

This is a time of great change in our history and we have a great responsibility resting on our shoulders. It’s our fate to meet the parts of humanity that have long been at war and heal the wounds of age old trauma. It isn’t enough that we go on “as usual.” Usual has been taken from us and this needed to happen. We can’t go on like ostriches with our heads in the sand, blind-folded or blissfully ignorant. We can’t continue the “it’s all about me” attitude that has been carried out. We all have chosen this incarnation. It is on us, we must confront and acknowledge a cumulative darkness that we are going through despite the soul-stirring dread we may feel. We have incarnated at this time to be a part of the betterment of mankind. To assist the collective shadow in creating a new world. To be a part of the evolution, rapid social progression, equality, the reshaping of our economic/political systems, to bring in love, unity and equality – it’s all underway.

The frequencies in Letting Go Of The Darkness will assist you in releasing what you need to release and it will fill you with the energies of Empowerment, Enlightenment, Support and Cocoon you in Love.

It will assist you in the much needed relief you seek physically. mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Please do not drive while listening to this powerful sound frequency meditation. It has intense frequencies embedded in it along with healing energy and intentions that will allow you to let your light shine out like a beacon from within.

You at your highest and best self is what the world needs right now.

Entire package: $141

We all are needing assistance with all we are going through at this time and this Healing For The Times Album of meditations is a great tool to have in your healing toolkit.