Your Mind Needs a Break

By November 23, 2020Lifestyle

Your Mind Needs a Break

Have you been feeling drained of energy? Perhaps you feel a blockage, but can’t seem to find out why. If you’ve been having headaches, lack motivation and are not quite feeling like yourself, then perhaps its time for you to have a mental cleanse. It’s important that you take the time to destress in order to be your best self.

Take a break from the screen

Often, those headaches can come from being on the TV, computer or phone screen for too long. It’s important to take time where you avoid your phone, your computer/tablet, and your tv. I know, it might sound crazy, but it’s really important to give your eyes and your brain a break. The blue light can damage your vision and it also causes eye strain. In fact, the blue light delays the release of melatonin in your brain, which is a hormone that induces sleep. If you can’t stay away from screens that have blue light, at least give yourself an hour break before bed. Or turn on the “night vision” option on your phone.

Another benefit of giving yourself a break from technology is to also give yourself a break from social media and anything news related. Sometimes, the perspective of the world can alter your moods. The news tends to usually be negative, and while it’s important to be kept up to date on vital events, it doesn’t hurt to avoid it so that the negative energy doesn’t affect your day. Get on Facebook for 5 minutes a day and you will have all the major news and all the negativity you can handle. As always, remind yourself of the positive things in life to raise your vibrations!


Make time to pamper yourself! Set aside an hour a day or a day a week for yourself to be stress-free. This means giving yourself time to love yourself. Get a manicure/pedicure, go shopping, watch your favorite comedy show, drink a great cup of tea and eat a good dinner. You should allow yourself to be completely at peace. Drop a bath bomb or some bath salts in your bathtub (don’t have a bathtub that’s fine do a foot bath) or use it as a shower steamer to inhale the aromatic smells of the essential oils. If it works for you, book a spa experience. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Prepare your space to be the way you want it. If it’s nice outside open the windows, fill your room with your favorite scents, play your favorite music, and invite your bestie over as long as they are a high vibe, positive person.

What hobbies make you happy?

Do you have hobbies that don’t involve technology? Perhaps you can read a book, write in your journal, draw, paint or sew. Think of the things that get you inspired or make you laugh. Sing, dance, or learn a new recipe! Make up some DIY recipes. Just have fun with trying something new! If you don’t have a hobby, think of one you think you’ll like. It’s always good to be open to learning. An easy thing to do that is really good for connecting your right and left brain is to color or doodle, maybe try an adult coloring book.

Prayer and Meditation

If you feel like your spiritual self needs a boost you can choose to meditate or pray. Begin by preparing your space the way that makes you feel the most comfortable. Light candles or set the mood with soft, relaxing music. Grab your crystals or bible and allow yourself to breathe and relax. The focus is to be mindful of you’re breathing and to let go of whatever goes through your mind. I personally like to unblock my chakras to let go of stagnant energy. Tune in to your intuition and feel the energy around your body. Where does it feel like there’s a blockage? Focus on that area and bring in white light while releasing the negative energy.


Sometimes the fatigue from your body can signify that your body is actually crying out for movement. Just doing 10 minutes of stretching can really change things for you. You will find that after you exercise, you will feel so light and filled with energy, especially if the weather outside was very nice. Now that it’s fall it’s perfect weather to get out in nature and take a walk or run. Do whatever makes you feel your best. Pilates or yoga are great for everyone because you can make it as simple or complex as you feel suits you. It’s all about you and what feeds your soul.


Often, it’s a lack of nutrition that makes your body feel fatigued or off. At times you may not be getting enough nutrients throughout the day. Have you been eating a lot of junk food lately? Carbonated or sugary drinks? Try to avoid them. Drink water instead and opt for meals that have lots of vegetables, protein, and good fats. If eating veggies is not you’re thing, try a super green powder and incorporate that powder in your smoothies. If water by itself is why you’re avoiding it, make it flavorful by infusing mint, fruits, lemon or other herbs or essential oils. It’s so refreshing! There are always healthy alternatives. Definitely give it a try!

Fresh air is healing

Last but not least, sometimes you just need fresh air. If it’s not raining, super hot or freezing cold give your body that natural Vitamin D. Soak up the sun and breathe in the fresh air. If it’s raining let you inner child come out to play and go dance in the rain. Enjoy the cloudy days, lie on the ground and watch the clouds go by or see what shapes you see in them, watch wildlife such as ducks or fish in the pond or squirrels scurrying to get to another tree. A walk around the block will stimulate blood flow to your body and give you a mental break from work or anything that has been stressing you out. You can even try a grounding meditation to get in tune with Mother Nature. Take 5 minutes to sit or lie on the ground or sit against a tree and tune into the energy it’s roots are drawing up. Do what you feel led to do.

Incorporating some of these tips should allow you to get back to your normal, positive self and give you a proper mental cleanse. It’s important not to let stress get to you and to manage it accordingly. Allow love to fill your body, light to uplift your mood, and live your life to the fullest. De-stress yourself at least once a week and remind yourself of your goals.

I know my High Vibe Healing Tribe is always looking for tips, tricks or exercises to get them High Vibing!

Please share with anyone that you think might benefit from this information!

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