Tuning In

By October 25, 2021Lifestyle

Tuning In


One of the most important skills you can develop is learning to develop and trust your intuition. It is now more important than ever that you tune in to live your best life.

When properly developed, your intuition can and will lead you to the choices, ideas, and innovations that will guide you towards what is truly in your best interest. It will help you create what is for the highest good in your life.

Intuition is subtle, so understanding the various ways it communicates with you makes it easier to tune in and allows it to lead you in ways that are for your highest good. Being aware and understanding it will allow you to have a deep and meaningful relationship with it. You want to have fun with it.

The way that is most familiar to you may be GUT INSTINCT.

You have all heard of this type of intuition. Most of you can relate to it, and recall a time when you have felt it. You may have been walking along and suddenly you felt your energy constrict. A feeling of fear swept over you when you saw someone walking towards you, and you felt the need to step into a building or cross the street. Gut instinct is simple and primal which means it communicates through the feelings in your body. It uses impressions such as yes or no, stop or go, safe or unsafe, to give you a sign. It puts every sense in your body on high alert. That is just one example of gut instinct. When you are tuned into your gut instinct it will guide you in many ways.

Another form of intuition is found in the mystical and often misunderstood power of extrasensory perception (ESP). This would include expanded spiritual vision, lucid dreaming, and other elevated psychic occurrences.

This is the level of intuition where extraordinary solutions, alternate ways of doing things, and groundbreaking new ideas are commonplace. When you are tuned into this center of intuition or divine guidance, it guides you to ask questions such as: “What do I see as a possibility or solution for this circumstance? Is there something I am overlooking? What did the dream I had last night mean? What dreams do I have for my future that I haven’t given myself permission to make a reality?

Then you have intuitive intelligence which is the most nonphysical of the group. This form of intuition is often activated during deep meditation or advanced awareness practices, or you may experience it after a near-death experience, or during times of profound stress or trauma. The highest level of intuition or connection to divine wisdom that humans can reach while in physical form is the one that allows you to access the realm of all things. To become consciously aware of your connection to and ability to create with the wisdom of divine source. When you are aligned with this level of intuition, you recognize that all things in life are valuable and appropriate and that you have the power within you to change and heal your life if you choose.

As you become familiar with these levels of communication, your bond with this natural form of connection will grow, evolve, and expand and it won’t matter what the rest of the world is telling you to do. When you know with everything in you that you are connected to divine guidance that is the only thing you will need or follow. With the direct guidance of your higher self, you will be able to navigate any situation with a sense of joy, ease, and great satisfaction.

Praying Divine Connection over my High Vibe Healing Tribe. Have a wonderful day.

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