Get Ready to Release and Relax

Get Ready to Release and Relax


I know now more there ever we all need ways to Release and Relax. So I wanted to give you some more tools for your energy toolkit that you can go to at any time and get some relief from what your going through. These will get you out of the Thinking, Thinking, Thinking mode, and get you relaxed, releasing and back to alignment.

I know as youngsters all you ever heard was stay inside the lines!

Well, with these exercises you want to bust out of those dang lines. Go where flow takes you, my favorite thing is throwing paint. If you could have seen my art studio you would have seen that was true. There was paint on the walls, up the racks, on the tubs and probably on the ceiling. I MISS THAT PLACE! LOL.

When you paint, color, sculpt, do mixed media art, anything creative, intuitively energy automatically goes down your arm and off the tool you are using whether that is your hands on clay, paint or marker or colored pencils on onto the paper or canvas, really as you are working on any art form just see that negative energy flowing down your arms and off onto or into what you are working on.

Blast some music that really moves you, sing, dance, shake what God gave you and let loose!

You will find yourself feeling less stressed, more connected to your body and your emotions, you will feel peace, calm, joy and centered.

I love putting essential oils in my paint the aroma of them also heals as you paint, you can mix some in your clay, of in your diffuser and let the room fill with the healing properties of the oils.

Finger painting is awesome you can let loose on your own or make it a family release and do it along with the kiddos. Switch things up and paint with your feet never mind the hands. Crank up the music and dance your release.

Every age loves mixed media. Grab some paints, magazines, stickers, any art supplies you have on hand and have at it. Combine all of it to make something imperfectly perfect of your own.

Color and motion, movement and flow connects the left and right brain, it gets you out of your thinking head and into your creative head. Just grab a piece of paper, just printer paper will do, and some paint, markers or colored pencils and just doodle. Circles, spirals, figure 8’s what ever movement you are led to put on canvas or paper just go with it as you watch the colors and movement, colors and flow you are hooking up the energies of both sides of the brain so you can connect, focus, have clarity of mind, but also open to your intuition and get those Ah Ha moments.

Go outside and sit on the ground as you create or use nature as your art. As kids we were great at collecting things from nature and making art. Go back to that. Pick flowers, collect rocks, twigs, pine cones, bark or anything that draws your attention and create a grid or a piece of art or you can use what you find in nature to dip in paint and press them onto whatever surface you are creating on, do your art therapy with the treasures you found in what ever way moves you.

Oils and crystals will add to your intuitive art therapy experience. Do the same with your oils and crystals as you did with your paints or nature just let loose and see what you are drawn to.

There is no right or wrong in any of it, LET LOOSE, is the theme.

Give it a whirl!

I would love to hear your experience and see pictures of your special Intuitive Art Therapy project.

Please share with anyone that you think might benefit from letting loose!!

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