A Meditation Gift For My Birthday

By December 21, 2020Lifestyle

A Meditation Gift For My Birthday

As many of you know Christmas Eve is my birthday and I love to celebrate it by giving you a gift.

Spirit led me to create this guided meditation to assist you to release what is no longer serving you. 2020 has been an interesting year to say the least so the meditation spirit felt was for everyone’s highest good was one that would assist you to let go of any heavy emotions, and to connect with the divine that dwells within.

As you journeyed through the highly detoxifying Eclipse Season, the last of which was November 30, there were many energies that came up for release but got caught up in stagnant areas of your energy system. This meditation will be your support, helping you to let go of any stresses and worries and welcome new divine wisdom from deep in you’re being.

In this meditation, you will be taken on a visual journey to a sacred place in the Universe where you can release and connect within. You should leave this meditation feeling deeply relaxed, lighter in you’re being, and with some intuitive wisdom to help you move forward. While this meditation is created with the energies of 2020 in mind, it is also great to use for:

  • Emotional release
  • Deep relaxation
  • Connecting to the Universe/Oneness
  • Third Eye development
  • Receiving inner wisdom

It is also a wonderful meditation for releasing the stress of getting together with family. I know this year that may not be happening for most of you but even if you are connecting via Zoom or Skype tensions come through and you will have this meditation to assist you in releasing what doesn’t serve you.

Look for the blessings in everything. Solitude can be a wonderful blessing and in your heart you are always with your family. Where there is love there is connection. Always. I love each and every one of you and pray blessings, joy, health and wholeness over each of you.

Enjoy the meditation.


Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!

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