Let’s Get Wealthy

Let’s Get Wealthy

I know you have heard “everything is energy.” And it is true.

This is why each crystal has a vibrational energy all its own and why different crystals are used for various issues or effects. There are crystals for health, grounding, wealth, manifesting, love, protection, and more!

For today, we’re going to focus on crystals that help you manifest more money.


Amethyst – Amethyst is a protective stone that brings peace and calm. It’s the stone of clarity and understanding. All of these things help attract wealth. As your vibration becomes calmer, less anxious, and more peaceful, you’ll have fewer money blocks.

Also, purple is the color of wealth. Placing a vibrant purple amethyst in your money corner is the perfect way to increase your money manifestation.

Citrine – Citrine is a beautiful yellow-orange stone and is known for attracting wealth and abundance. If you are looking to bring more money into your life, using a citrine stone can be an easy way to help align yourself with wealth and abundance! It helps enhance your willpower and vision, which means it helps you create success and prosperity.

Sometimes it is referred to as the “merchant’s stone” because it’s known for bringing good luck to wealth and finances. Many business owners like to keep a piece of citrine near or in their cash register. Citrine is also known to increase happiness and joy for life!

Green Aventurine – Green Aventurine is known as the “Lucky Stone,” “Stone of Opportunity,” or “Attraction Stone.”

It is thought to be the luckiest of all crystals, especially in manifesting abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

Green Aventurine releases old patterns and habits, so new growth and opportunity can take place. It brings optimism and a zest for life, allowing one to move forward with confidence and embrace change. It enhances one’s creativity and motivation and encourages perseverance in overcoming life’s obstacles.

Green Aventurine carries a strong connection to the Earth, providing a better understanding and appreciation of nature and its soothing vibrations upon the mind, body, and spirit. Its comforting and soothing energy balances the emotions, guiding one towards inner peace and harmony. It calms nervousness, anxiety, anger, and irritation and helps naturally dissolve the everyday stress of a hectic lifestyle. It inspires a feeling of lightness which gives a renewed sense of optimism, joy, and hope.

Pyrite – Pyrite is also known as “Fool’s Gold” because of its shimmery gold color. It is a powerful protection stone that shields and protects against all forms of negative vibrations, working on the physical, etheric, and emotional levels.

Pyrite is a strong Feng Shui player thanks to those massive protective properties. If you want to keep your abode beautifully protected from any negative forces, place a piece of Pyrite by the entryway to mop up any bad juju before it even gets the chance to seep in. Beyond the protective vibes, it works to funnel the right kind of energy into your home. It’s an excellent stone for attracting wealth, abundance, and good luck. For those reasons, pieces of Pyrite will do well when placed in workspaces, studios, and any spot where creative thinking occurs.

Pyrite contains both fire and earth element properties, which can ignite your finances while also maintaining grounding and stability, making it easier to increase wealth.

Paired with the other money stones, Pyrite can increase your manifesting abilities.

Tiger’s Eye – Tiger’s Eye is the stone of personal empowerment, courage, and confidence. It is also the stone of protection, centering, and grounding.

Tiger’s Eye is a most ancient talisman, mysterious and powerful, revered and feared – an “all-seeing, all-knowing eye,” thought to grant the wearer the ability to observe everything, even through closed doors.

The courage-boosting, motivational energy that makes Tiger’s Eye so useful for overcoming fear also makes it a powerful tool for overcoming money blocks. The Tiger’s Eye crystal keeps you focused and determined, even when obstacles arise.

It helps you feel more stable in the face of adversity, assists you in making better decisions, and encourages you to take action!

It’s also a prosperity stone because it’s said to bring good luck and discernment to take action at the right moment. It is superb for stimulating wealth and the sound judgment needed to maintain it.

Jade – Jade is the stone of abundance, vitality, and well-being. Jade is also considered a lucky stone – one that attracts good fortune. It is also the stone of self-reliance, harmonious energies, and reaching your true potential.

Jade helps you take decisive action and encourages wisdom. It can help you see new possibilities while helping you trust in the abundance of the universe.

If you’re thinking of starting a new business or project and you need to plan for financial longevity, Jade is the crystal you need. Jade is not a quick fix crystal for wealth. It’s that crystal that reminds you to stay wise, remain consistent, and keep working towards your prosperity goals.

Since ancient times, Jade has been one of the most recognized crystals for prosperity, wisdom, and harmony. It is considered an extremely lucky stone and can promote the flow of prosperity and abundance into your life.

Combine green Jade with other green stones to increase their prosperity energy.

Clear Quartz – Clear Quartz is a Master Crystal and an amplifier, which means it gives even more power to the crystals surrounding it.

Clear quartz channels, amplifies, and clears energy. It also helps with clarity, mental sharpness, and perception while helping clear negative energies.

It is the perfect stone to pair with the other money crystals because it enhances their powers while clearing any negative energies you have surrounding money.

It is one of the most versatile gemstones available. Not only does it offer clarity and clear thoughts, but it also has the power to amplify your intentions. For example, if you visualize while holding your clear quartz crystal, the energy surrounding that intention has now been programmed into the quartz, and it can work alongside the universe to make your manifestation appear quicker.

Black Tourmaline – Black Tourmaline is my go-to grounding stone. It not only helps you feel more secure with yourself (and your finances!), it is a strong protection stone. It assists you in becoming aware of your surroundings, so you feel safe and secure.

Black tourmaline can be a debt-clearing stone because it brings awareness while propelling you towards good luck and following your dreams.

Sunstone – Sunstone is a brilliant, shimmery stone that attracts abundance, wealth, and well-being. Sunstone helps you fulfill your dreams and raise your confidence in achieving them.

It is considered a stone of luck, optimism, leadership, and creativity, helping to bring all of those qualities together to propel you towards everything you want in life.

Crystals will enhance and amplify your intentions, and you can display them any way that you like! You can keep them in a special box or create a money bowl. You can put them in a pouch and move them to various areas such as your office during the day and under your pillow at night.

Crystals should make you happy when you see them, so how you display them comes down to personal preference.

If you want to keep them specifically in your feng shui money area, I recommend getting a small bowl or saucer (wood would be good) and placing them somewhere in the money area of your home.

Normally, the money area would be towards the back of the house, away from the front door. However, where you pay your bills would be an excellent place to start.

Have fun with it. Good Luck!

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