Make Some Changes – Let Your Energy Flow

By September 28, 2021Lifestyle

Make Some Changes – Let Your Energy Flow

Energetically, your life is ready to move in a new direction, but you have to allow for this to happen. Some habits are of benefit to you such as grounding, zipping up, and getting in your coconut. These are vital to your well-being. But then we have habits that are mundane, they have no impact on your well-being such as calling your BFF at 10am each morning, checking your email the minute you wake up, having your morning run on the exact same path every day.

Have you noticed that you do the same things each day and that you have fallen into a routine?

It’s time to break free from the daily patterns. Switch it up. It’s time to be spontaneous. This makes a shift in your energy and opens you to manifesting new experiences on a different energy frequency. You become open to new possibilities and a new you.

It revives your passion for living. The energy of the Universe is ready to flow. By consciously breaking free of the routines and patterns you have created in your life, you allow space for the new and different to manifest.

Commit to letting go of some of the patterns you have created in your life. Shake things up!

Then watch for the new that flows in.

What habits are you ready to change? What are you ready to manifest?

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