Fierce Self-Care

Fierce Self-Care

One thing that separates Fierce Self-Care from a coping mechanism is that many times self-care is a practice that requires intention, commitment, and sacrifice… thus the root meaning of the word, “to make sacred” — like yoga, meditation, having a specific exercise routine, drinking a daily infusion, or making a morning smoothie supercharged with adaptogenic herbs.

These practices aren’t necessarily meant to gratify you in the present moment, although sometimes they can. They are long-term, grounding, protection, and strengthening practices that help you cultivate courage, presence, and life-force energy.

Fierce Self-Care accelerates and up-levels your transformation, rather than following the status quo. They help you move through and beyond the places where you are stuck, self-sabotaging, or unable to take action. It’s part of your change work, and change takes time. But ultimately, it is more powerful and long-lasting than coping mechanisms because of the time and energy devoted to it.

What are the things in your life, whether you’re doing them now or have in the past, that have helped you grow? Helped you move out of an unhealthy pattern? What elevates and expands your thinking and capacity to be wholeheartedly IN? What nourishes your physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance?

Really take the time you need to think about these things and come up with your own Sacred Self-Care Routine.

Hopefully, you are grounding, zipping up, and getting in your coconut to keep your energy foundation and protection strong. What other things can you add to really enhance your overall well-being? Think about it! I don’t think you realize just how important it is. This can change everything.

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