Ethiopian Opal For Healing

Ethiopian Opal For Healing

This is the perfect crystal for the times we are in. Just looking at it brings joy, peace and enlightenment.

Ethiopian Opal brings a sense of beauty and calm. It encourages faith, loyalty, truth and purity. It is a wonderful stone for healing and strengthening the emotional body.

It is known to assist in drawing out negative emotions and transmuting them into light and positivity and helps you to foster your highest potential. It is known to shield against negativity and is said to contain ancient wisdom. It burns off karma from the past and opens one to a rebirth.

Ethiopian Opal is a crystal that activates the root and sacral chakras but balances them all. It has been known to increase psychic abilities by connecting you to the divine. It is also a stone that is said to carry a shield of protection that keeps you from absorbing the energy of others.

Ethiopian Opal is said to be a seductive gem which arouses passion between partners.

It assists with the healing of eyes, hair, nails and skin and purifies the blood, kidneys and regulates insulin production. It is advantageous for the heart, lungs and it assists in protecting a women during childbirth.

It is a jewel of light and is ideal for attracting angelic energies and if the stone carries white within its colors It bonds the wearer’s energy to divine source energy. This also stabilizes the aura, eliminating and transforming negative energies. Its purge effect is influential at all levels and tends to turn on the Third Eye chakra, which in turn controls the energy flow of the body and dispels out the negativity. Because it reacts with the root and sacral chakra and also the third eye and crown chakra it connects and balances all chakras.

This gem has many more healing aspects and it is a wonderful one to add to your collection.

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