Did you know animals can be our teachers?

Did you know that animals can be our teachers? They are such pure and innocent beings. One thing anyone who is close to me knows for sure is that I am head over heels in love with my little Kamala, Bodhi and Phoenix.

Bodhi, Kamala’s baby is now living with my grandkids and they adore him. Now, I am his built in dog sitter.

Kamala looks like a teddy bear, Phoenix is a wild mess (lol, thankfully he is now 4.5 months old, just had his last shots and and finally got groomed. Yeah!) Bodhi is in the back with his bow tie on. He had come for a visit.

I truly believe these little animal spirits choose not only their people, but bring healing for us (and we for them), but if you listen, spirit or your pet, will give you their name.

I was told to take the first two letters in my three grandkids that live here in Washington near me and that would be my dogs name. It came out to be KaMaLa. I had never heard it before. I didn’t know it was actually a name.

***This was before the election****

Kamala means “lotus” in Sanskrit. These beautiful flowers are also symbols of having an open heart and receiving others with compassion. The lotus flower shows us that allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and being open to others – approaching them with empathy instead of judgement – benefits them as well as us.

It is also often used as the symbol for energy healing and spas. So it fit perfectly for me. She is the most gentle, compassionate soul you could find and such a little healer.

Bodhi’s name came to me as soon as Kamala became pregnant and it turned out the meaning was “awakening and enlightenment”. Once again, perfectly fitting since that is a big part of what I teach.

When Bodhi was going to go to my grandchildren, I was told to get another boy. So then came Phoenix. His name came to me and then I looked it up.

The Phoenix spirit animal represents a magical and gentle soul. Bringing good luck, harmony, peace, balance, and prosperity. This magical creature symbolizes fire. Boy, did they get that right! He is a ball of fire, yet gentle and sweet and as his hair grows out and he gets groomed, it turns out he is a red head. What could be more fitting than a ball of fire rising from the ashes for a little ginger?

If you allow the name to come to you, you will always get it right.

If you are having a hard time regulating your nervous system, feel lonely, anxious, or need more play in your life, consider getting a dog that is a match for you.

I am pretty much a homebody so these Imperial Shih Tzus that weigh less than 5 pounds are perfect for me and my environment. They don’t do well in heat, so Washington is perfect most of the time, and they aren’t cut out for exercise. Also Perfect! LOL.

Make sure the dog fits your environment and your life style so that you are both happy.

This might seem like a random thing to post, and it kind of is, but yet it is another way that you can heal. Considering that your relationship with an animal can be so important, healing and nurturing. Your soul mates are all around you, be open. They don’t have to be people or your significant other. They can come in all different forms. Be open to what you need in your life and how you are being led.

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I have trained and given away many support dogs but I am thankful to know these will be staying with me for the long haul.

They are such a joy.

All my love to my High Vibe Healing Tribe.


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