Cracked or Gone

Cracked or Gone

Have you ever lost a prized crystal or had one crack on its own and wondered what the significance of that was?

• While at times a lost crystal is as simple as just that, a lost crystal, but there are other reasons that stones can go missing.

• Some crystals carry a very high vibration that can be very powerful when working with them on a daily basis, often, these are the crystals that you will notice have disappeared. It’s as thought this happens to allow both you and the crystal to have a break from each other. Days, weeks, months or even years later, it may reappear as suddenly as it disappeared usually when you need the frequency that this particular crystal carries the most.

• It’s also possible that some crystals were meant to be shared with a new owner who is in need of their energy and they have simply moved on.

• Another theory is that crystals have the ability, vibrationally, to move into another dimension when they need to take a break or are needed in another way. Even when crystals are not actively being used for healing or other purposes, crystals passively absorb energy from the environment. Many times you will find that they simply seem to disappear and you will find them later in a place that you’ve checked over and over for them.

• You may feel that you know why your crystal has disappeared and you can understand you don’t really need its support any longer but you’d still like for it to return! One option is to use Chalcopyrite to find your lost stones. Meditate while holding a piece and ask for information about the location of the lost crystal. You might also write your question in your journal, with the intention that the answer be provided to you in a dream. Keep your journal next to the bed so that you can write down any hints or possibly the answer you receive during the night.

• Another option is to call on Archangel Chamuel and ask for assistance in finding your lost crystal. Chamuel helps to reveal everything that is lost.

• It can be disappointing to lose a crystal, but just remember that it is taking a much needed break to recuperate or it has moved on to the next owner it is meant to be with.

• I’m sure many of you have seen an opera singer get to such a high pitch that it shatters a crystal goblet. At any given moment new frequencies are coming onto earth that have never been here before. Those new frequencies are higher and higher and at times it is just the right frequency to crack or shatter a crystal.

• Another reason you see crystals crack is they are constantly absorbing negative energies from the environment and at times it just becomes to much to bare and they will crack wide open to release what they have been holding onto. You want to make sure to clear your crystals ever so often to help avoid this and for other reasons.

• At times they will crack simply because their work with you is done. Keep in mind even though they are cracked they are just as powerful.

Hopefully, this answered some of your questions and puts your mind at ease. Know that your favorite crystal may surprise you and reappear.

Please share with anyone that you think might benefit from this information!

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