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In these 3 classes, we look deep into how past life regression and soul retrievals can help you to get back to who you truly came here to be, what the process of regaining all aspects of your unique self does for you and how you can bring joy back into your life, become free from depression, addictions, lack, physical, mental and emotional pain and more. These will be very in depth and experiential classes along with Q and A time and exercises to move you forward.

  • Learn how past life regression and soul retrievals contain the answers you’ve been looking for.
  • Understand the affects of retrieving fragmented soul parts and how doing this will bring you to wholeness so you can move forward in your life.
  • Why releasing energies of your past will free you from patterns that continue to repeat over and over in this lifetime.
  • How you can become your unique self, full of joy, free you from depression, addictions, lack and more.

Every time you journey into the past and release that energy or take back an aspect of your soul the easier you’ll find it to return to who it is you were really meant to be.

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We discuss how past lives are affecting you today, the signs you are carrying energies from past lives and how events from your past lives mirror themselves in your present life. How they can cause physical, mental, emotional or spiritual issues in this lifetime. We’ll examine the signs and symptoms of past life energy, as past lives hold messages that are needed in your life today. – Interactive exercise. Live Q and A.


We discuss the definition of soul loss, its signs and symptoms, what causes you to lose or send away aspects of your soul, how aspects of your soul can be taken or given away to another person, the impact of bringing back soul parts, and how taking an aspect of your soul back from someone can affect them. – Interactive exercise. Live Q and A.


We discuss how getting in touch with and releasing our past energies helps us improve our present life, the affects of a soul retrieval or past life regression, why we are drawn to certain people, places, eras, etc, and what scientific research has been done to prove we do have past lives and how we lose aspects of our soul (fragmentation) under challenging circumstances – Interactive exercise. Live Q and A.