Intimacy Shards Removal

Intimacy Shards Removal


Product Description

Do you want to be energetically connected or carrying the energy of an ex-lover? Especially one you had a highly charged or abusive relationship with, whether it was verbally, physically, emotionally or sexually abusive. Even if it was a pleasant loving relationship, when it is over, do you want to be energetically tied and living with that persons energy anymore?

It may not be surprising to you that carrying this energy after the relationship has ended is detrimental to both parties’ ability to move on. Any time you are carrying another person’s energy you never feel quite yourself. In all actuality you are NOT yourself!

What if you have slept with several people, and these people have slept with several people who have slept with several people and so on?

You could physically sleep with just one person but realistically be sleeping with hundreds or thousands of people energetically. So now you have energy shards of all these people in your energy field.

How can you ever possibly sort out who you truly are if you’re carrying all of this extra weight? How do you make a decision? How do you know your wants and needs when you’re feeling the wants and needs of so many people?

“When we are intimate with another human being, we become even more connected through energetic cords, and shards of energy that are left on us and in us.”

If you are ready to send your ex packing then these energy shards must be removed or released. They stay with you until they are cleared.

Experience a quick and simple way to FREE yourself from an EX LOVER’s energy so you can move on and live a life you love with less struggles, more focus and true love….