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Don’t Overlook This Rare Event

super blue blood moonYou may have been experiencing the effects of the energies that have been coming in since the 22nd. They have been ramping up day by day.

This Super Moon will be larger and brighter than a usual full moon, Blue Moon (the second full moon in the month), Total Lunar eclipse or Blood Moon. This is extra special because the 2 Super Full Moons were bookends for the month of January. One was on New Year’s Day and the other will be on January 31st. January has been THE month to set your intentions and take action on them. Don’t forget to put your crystals out for cleansing but also put yourself out for cleansing. If at all possible sit out and moon bath. (Even if you have to wear a Parka). LOL. Soak in the energy of this phenomena. The actual event will begin at 3:48 am Pacific Time and totality will begin around 4:51 am Pacific Time and last until 6:05 am Pacific Time. Don’t miss it. It will not occur for another 150 years.

The energies started about a week ago and have been off the charts. What have you been experiencing?

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