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Change Your Life Easily By Living In The Now!

Change Your Life Easily By Living In The Now!The universe will line up the way you perceive it to be. There are things you don’t even realize are affecting the way you perceive things to be. You can see or experience the same thing as another person but you will each perceive it in a completely different way. As a 911 dispatcher, I could get 4 calls about the exact same thing and every account was completely different. The way you perceive and deal with things will cause the universe to show up as you expect it to. You’re living in your own energy which is affected by all you have experienced so you see it differently based on your reality. What you talk about and focus on also affects your perception.

Everything in your family line affects it. Where your ancestors came from, mindsets, beliefs, countries, traumas in those countries and in your family line whether you are aware of them or not. Your own life experience controls how you view things, how you process things. These are some of the things that make your perception different from anyone else’s perception.

We only have this moment so everything you could want is here right now. You want to eliminate the I will have it when…………if you feel like you have it,  you will have it. We only have now. Everything we could desire or want is already in this moment but we have to believe it and open to having it now.

The future does not exist. You have to exist in the Now you’re not bringing it in, it is here now.

Be the best version of you. Do things that make you happy, make you feel loved and special. Everybody is amazing, unique, special, a blessing.

Enjoy your life, make it a life you love. Love everything about yourself, you are your own unique self.

Do your best, be your best and embrace who you are. Know that if you are good with you and good with God, you’re  good, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or feels about it. It is your life and your experiences not theirs.

Be you in the moment and be excited about that. Let peace and happiness be the way you live.

You may think you don’t like something but once you try it you may find it brings you peace, joy, fulfillment so learn to give things a shot. Start with something small like a new hair style, a new color you never wear, adding a little flair through pillows. Look for things that you can do that are different, unique, exciting and try them on to see if they bring something special into your life. It will open you to receiving more and more.

Don’t say I will do it tomorrow, next week, next year, do it now.

Do things differently in your life, do things that make you happy, not what others have told you, you should do. Change some things that you do. Move towards the life you desire.

Traveling will start to open you to new possibilities even if it is just a day trip an hour away to somewhere you haven’t been or to do something you haven’t done.

You matter and are so worthy, start living your life to it’s fullest. Honor yourself at every level possible.

You can’t always do what you always did and expect change.

Open up space in your life, ask open ended questions. Ask yourself…

“Am I really honoring myself?”,

“Do I Feel Fulfilled?”,

“Am I really loving myself?”,

“Am I having Fun?”,

“Am I really respecting myself?”,

“Am I Really Happy?”,

“What can I do to make this better?”.

This opens space so the universe can drop things in.

Make a commitment to yourself that you will live in the present moment and really live your life to the best of your ability.

Make this your goal for your life and watch your life change in amazing ways.

This is a great way to spend the holiday season.

You are AMAZING.

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